Dorset Council Refuse Permission For Outdoor Live Music At Mustons Lane

Dorset councillors have turned down an application for a music event in Mustons Yard.

John Morgan had requested a licence for music and alcohol sales for 21st June. The event would have been held in a courtyard behind the former Angola ’76 bar, which will re-open in July under the new name ‘Mustons’.

Mr Morgan told Dorset Council’s Licencing Committee that the event would take place on ‘Freedom Day’ and the solstice. It was intended to promote young musicians, DJs and people providing technical support who had been unable to perform during the coronavirus pandemic. He said that the performance area would be within a sunken location in the garden and the PA loudspeaker system would be pointed away from the adjoining residential properties. He further explained that the event would be ticketed and clear up could be done the following day to avoid disturbance after 11pm.

John Morgan

On Friday, Dorset Council’s Licencing Sub-Committee also took into account the Environmental Health Officer’s representations that the event would be held for a long period, from 2pm to 11pm on a weekday when most local residents would be working or going to school the following day. He said that the location meant that the direction of the PA would make very little difference to noise and that no noise management plan had been submitted. The officer believed that there would be no control over the level of music.

The Sub-Committee turned down the application. They felt it would be likely to cause unacceptable noise for people living and working in the area

An appeal to Weymouth Magistrates may be lodged within 21 days. But it’s unlikely that the covid restrictions will be released as had been expected in time for the 21st of June. The PM is set to address the nation this evening to announce the latest plans for loosening restrictions.