Lidl Will Plant Six Trees On Christy’s Lane To Compensate For Felling Three More

Three more beech trees will be felled on Christy’s Lane because of damage sustained during work to prepare for the new Lidl store.

Lidl had been granted permission to fell two trees, one to make way for the entrance and another tree would be removed to accommodate the store sign.

Works on Christy’s Lane

Shaftesbury councillor Tim Cook has met Lidl representatives and Dorset Highways on site. He says the supermarket will plant six replacement, semi-mature trees. Dorset Council will decide whether the replacements suggested are suitable.

Members of Shaftesbury Tree Group have previously argued that tree replacements need to be ‘like for like’ where possible. Lidl has ‘unreservedly apologised’ for the damage caused. Listen to Tim’s response in our interview.