New Businesses Tell Dorset Council ‘We Want Pedestrianisation’

The owners of three new Shaftesbury businesses say they were pleased to meet two senior Dorset council officials on Friday.

Cllr Ray Bryan and director of place, John Sellgren, called unannounced into Seasons Café, Folde Dorset and Golden Snowdrop jewellers. The men wanted to hear about the traders’ post-lock experiences. They were keen to know more about the impact of the temporary pedestrianisation.

Amber Harrison from Folde Dorset

Emily and James Deport-King from Seasons Cafe

Stephanie Douthwaite from Golden Snowdrop

All three businesses told us they want traffic restrictions retained. Cllr Piers Brown says Shaftesbury is bucking the trend with more businesses open today compared with the start of the January lockdown.

Hear what the business owners said in our report.