Shaftesbury Town Councillors Criticise ‘Bloody Ugly’ Amended Redrow Estate Plans

Shaftesbury town councillors will object to Redrow’s latest plans for the Littledown housing estate.

Town councillors are unhappy that Redrow wants to amend their plans to build bungalows at the edge of their development and put up two-storey houses instead. Councillors felt they would look out of place next door to established streets of bungalows in Homefield. The mayor, Cllr Andy Hollingshead, told the meeting that Redrow’s plans would be ‘bloody ugly’.

The Town Council has previously claimed that the developer has not honoured agreements to landscape the site and build housing sympathetic to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Redrow recently extended the estate’s footprint, buying adjacent land, and they have been granted permission for new homes, but plans have been changed.

Tuesday’s Planning meeting heard the town councillors are uncertain exactly how many new homes will be built across the site. The Town Council asked Dorset Council, but they didn’t reply.