Hilltop History

Hilltop History – Episode 6

Listen to episode 6 of Alfred’s weekly ‘Hilltop History’ show, presented by Elaine Barratt. Read More

Hilltop History – Episode 5

Listen to episode 5 of Alfred’s Shaftesbury-area history show – Hilltop History. Read More

Hilltop History – What Was On The Menu At Shaftesbury Abbey? Chris Goodinge Investigates

Chris Goodinge tells us about the dishes Benedictine monks at Shaftesbury Abbey would have eaten.

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Hilltop History – Episode 4

Hilltop History is our weekly programme sharing stories from Shaftesbury’s past.

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How A Drain Cover By The Post Office Reveals Shaftesbury’s History

Shaftesbury resident Peter Stanier has written a number of books about the industrial archaeology of the West Country.

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Hilltop History – Episode 3

Welcome to the third episode of ‘Hilltop History’ – Alfred’s weekly delve into the Shaftesbury area’s past.

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Hilltop History – Bob Kelley On Shaftesbury’s Button-Making Business

Shaftesbury historian Bob Kelley takes us back to the 17th century and the start of Abraham Case’s button industry.

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Hilltop History – Dave Hardiman On The Rector Heckler Of Fontmell Magna Church

Dave Hardiman shares the story of the court case involving a Fontmell Magna resident who upset the rector with rowdy interruptions to church services.

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