The Alfred Daily – 19th February 2021

On today’s show: Electric bike rentals | Shaftesbury School students share photos | Shaftesbury live music after lockdown | Arts Centre wardrobe mistress | Replacing Jubilee Steps railings | Julie Wood on elder | Song thrush in Donhead St Mary

The Alfred Daily – 18th February 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury dementia garden agreed | Shaftesbury filmmaker proud to feature town | ‘Shaftesbury’ rose | Shaftesbury’s Open House | Town Council objects to use of brick | Shaftesbury history – Guy’s Marsh Hospital | Motivating tips for Shaftesbury runners | An afternoon on Breach Common

The Alfred Daily – 17th February 2021

On today’s show: Dorset Council tax is set | Shaftesbury police seize uninsured car | No more Shaftesbury estates | More wildflowers for Shaftesbury | Motcombe speeding and litter | Climate less important to survey respondents | Mary Myers’ smallholding diary | North Dorset – bombed before the Blitz | Bullfinches at Breach Common

The Alfred Daily – 16th February 2021

On today’s show: New Shaftesbury shop celebrates Dorset nature | Re-using empty Shaftesbury homes | Shaftesbury students share powerful black writing | Action on flood-prone roads | Motcombe tree planting underway | Wildlife-friendly gardener Dirty Nails | Poetry from Ann Brooks | The weir in Semley

The Alfred Daily – 15th February 2021

On today’s show: Redrow wants to extend Shaftesbury estate | Jon Corry meets Derek Beer | Compton Abbas flying course contest | How lockdown alters residents’ rubbish | Shaftesbury Town Council opposes Enmore Court plans again | Umbers Hill afternoon birdsong

The Alfred Daily – 14th February 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury area COVID-19 cases down | Motcombe’s Valentine’s treat | Nat and Ben on Motcombe’s otters | Park Walk decorated for Valentine’s Day | Kate and Karren on Win Green’s beauty | Barkley Johnson’s Valentine’s Day story | North Dorset nature – a dunnock in St James

The Alfred Daily – 13th February 2021

On today’s show: Dorset Local Plan consultation opens | Shaftesbury history being offered | Shaftesbury area dark skies festival | Poor state of cobbles following road works | Tom Perrett’s snowdrop walk | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Karen Cole’s book recommendation | Motcombe woman’s lockdown verse | A robin sings

The Alfred Daily – 12th February 2021

On today’s show: Persimmon granted Shaftesbury public enquiry | Shaftesbury police warn of new scam | Facebook page aims to bring Shaftesbury together | Mayor welcomes new convenience store plans | Shaftesbury’s acts of kindness continue | Julie Wood on blackthorn | Rich Foreman reads ‘Things Have Changed’ | Soundscapes – Melbury Abbas Mill

The Alfred Daily – 11th February 2021

On today’s show: Bell Street supermarket plans | Calls for heritage streetlights in Bell Street | Visitors caused Dorset’s virus | The kindness of Shaftesbury strangers | Mary’s Wardour smallholding | The ‘colourful’ Earl of Shaftesbury | Creature feature – a Castle Hill song thrush

The Alfred Daily – 10th February 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury Town Council debate free car park days | Flooding roads risk to COVID-19 jab patients | Ecuadorian birder lists Springhead species | Ideas for Motcombe’s phone box | History and nature at Bury Litton | Shaftesbury wellness expert Laura Langley | A great tit in Melbury