The Alfred Daily – 27th April 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury Town Council candidate – Virginia Edwyn-Jones | Cyclists’ facilities enhanced in Shaftesbury | Government adviser says Gold Hill is his favourite | Sustainability fair for Shaftesbury Fringe | New temporary town centre car park | Dirty Nails on the dry April | Birdsong at sunset at Duncliffe

The Alfred Daily – 26th April 2021

On today’s show: £20m for new Shaftesbury hospital facility | Abbeyfield chairman’s plea to Dorset planners | The train carriage beneath Shaftesbury centre | Port Regis music teacher to perform at Fringe | Grant funds Shaftesbury library online events | Melbury Abbas litter pick | Free books at Mampitts Road | A chiffchaff on Gascoigne’s Lane

The Alfred Daily – 25th April 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury fire crew turnout | Restoring our area’s lost elms | St James’ friendly ghost | Reptile recording at Breach Common | Kate and Karren chat | Sunday story from Barkley Johnson | 5am dawn chorus at Castle Hill

The Alfred Daily – 24th April 2021

On today’s show: New Shaftesbury town centre homes | Shaftesbury School students’ innovation | North Dorset affordable housing | Tom Perrett walks around Broadchalke | Kate Scott’s chicken keeping diary | Shaftesbury what’s ons | Karen Cole reviews ‘Broken Silence’ by Liz Mistry | Ponds, birds and bells on Layton Lane

The Alfred Daily – 23rd April 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury store sells food for 20p | Earth Day in Shaftesbury | New Shaftesbury tree festival announced | Works at The Wilderness | Mayor breaks virtual meeting deadlock | Shaftesbury fantasy games events | Dorset springtime book giveaway | Shaftesbury what’s ons | A tawny owl on Castle Hill

The Alfred Daily – 22nd April 2021

On today’s show: Dorset Council explains planning delays | Shaftesbury Loop – Persimmon responds | Exhibiting artist describes bipolar challenges | A big day’ for Shaftesbury FC | Group formed to help Shaftesbury hedgehogs | Shaftesbury fitness expert Laura Langley | A parliament of magpies on Castle Hill

The Alfred Daily – 21st April 2021

On today’s show: Spine road debate postponed | New Shaftesbury shops want pedestrianisation | Gutch Common jewellery podcast | Call for villages to co-ordinate speed watch | Manure on Mary’s smallholding | Farmer’s barn owl box delight | Blackcaps and blue tits

The Alfred Daily – 20th April 2021

On today’s show: Dorset Police ‘reshape’ for better response | Police Commissioner candidate visits Shaftesbury | No automatic 20mph for Dorset estates | Dorset National Park plans | Sedgehill campsite concerns | Dirty Nails on Dorset’s bluebells | A song thrush at dusk on Breach Lane

The Alfred Daily – 19th April 2021

On today’s show: Objections to Shaftesbury loop | Additional health support for Shaftesbury’s ex-service members | X2 buses won’t use High Street | New attractions at Gillingham and Shaftesbury Show | Dorset National Park plans | Free reads at Mampitts Road book exchange | Bees at sunset in Enmore Green

The Alfred Daily – 18th April 2021

On today’s show: Shaftesbury area COVID-19 figures | Positive response for Littledown bike circuit planner | Shaftesbury teenager to sing at Fringe | Celebrating Dorset’s county boundary | Kate and Karren chat ‘over the garden fence’ | Barkley Johnson reads ‘Time’ | Shaftesbury what’s ons | Birds in the Raspberry Lane pines