Shaftesbury Town Council Will Respond To Dorset Council’s Climate Emergency Strategy

Shaftesbury Town Council will offer a formal response to Dorset Council’s Climate Emergency Strategy consultation.

The county authority has detailed how it hopes to become carbon neutral by 2040. Their strategy suggests changes to all areas of Dorset Council’s activity, including transport, tourism, waste and the economy.

Dorset Council wants town councils to complete the public survey on this strategy. But on Tuesday, Shaftesbury Town Council heard how difficult it is to offer the corporate response which Cllr Tim Cook requested. Survey respondents are asked to list their five favoured priorities from a list of ten. Cllr John Lewer doubted that a selection could be made by a committee.

The strategy extends to approximately 70 pages and neither Cllr Lewer nor Cllr George Hall had time to meet and discuss a response. Cllr Lewer said, “There’s one hell of a load of reading to do if you’re going to make a meaningful comment.”

Town clerk Claire Commons stepped in and offered to read the strategy, then write and circulate a draft response to councillors for any additional comments, before sending it to Dorchester.

Cllr Lewer asked that future planning applications which Shaftesbury Town Council is asked to consider should be scored against their own climate emergency policy preference. It favours sustainable design and the use of environmentally friendly building materials. “If it’s our policy we should be reminded of it at every meeting,” Cllr Lewer said.

That was agreed. It means that the Town Council will also expect to see hollow ‘swift bricks’, where swifts can nest, included in development proposals.