Hilltop History – Episode 4

Hilltop History is our weekly programme sharing stories from Shaftesbury’s past.

On this week’s show:

  • Claire Ryley is highlighting the fifty objects on display in Shaftesbury which tell the history of our area. Today, Claire talks with Nick Crump about the 2,000-year-old carved stone head found in Child Okeford. (1:28)
  • Cath Toogood remembers a TV April Fool’s joke from the early 1980s, which featured Shaftesbury and Gold Hill. (8:17)
  • Dave Hardiman returns with more on the 1830 post-election riots at the Grosvenor Arms in Shaftesbury. (10:42)
  • Bob Kelley has been reading the Holy Trinity Church register. He has discovered that 1751 was only 282 days long, according to the records! (16:54)
  • The former owner of Motcombe’s Coppleridge Inn, Chris Goodinge, has spent his professional life working with food. For his first Alfred history show report, Chris tells us about the dishes Benedictine monks at Shaftesbury Abbey would have eaten. Their dietary regime was restrictive, with many rules. Meatballs and rissoles were on the menu! 350 people would have been fed each day at the Abbey. (22:29)