Hilltop History – Episode 5

Listen to episode 5 of Alfred’s Shaftesbury-area history show – Hilltop History.

Alfred’s Hilltop History team

On this week’s show:

  • Claire Ryley continues telling the story of the Shaftesbury area through fifty items found in Gold Hill Museum. Today, a Roman-period child’s coffin. The macabre find was uncovered near Ponsonby Farm in Cann during WW1. (1:54)
  • Rosie King features another woman of Shaftesbury Abbey. The Normans had conquered England and French woman Eulalia was appointed abbess. The Abbey church was transformed during her time into a stone building in Norman style. (10:33)
  • In 1923, questions were raised over the competence of the matron at the Westminster Memorial Cottage Hospital. A feud had arisen between the matron and one of the doctors. Dave Hardiman has researched the story and found that the woman was victimised and hounded out of her job. (17:46)
  • The Grosvenor family made their lasting mark on Shaftesbury. Today, we have a road and hotel that bears their name. The family’s intervention brought improvements to many aspects of local life. Bob Kelley reflects on how the Grosvenors reshaped Shaftesbury. (25:37)
  • All that is left of Sedgehill Castle today is ditches on two sides of a triangular field and a horseshoe shaped mound. Ann Taylor imagines what the structure would have looked like. (30:11)

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