The Alfred Daily – 10th September 2021

The Alfred Daily is a 30-minute radio programme for Shaftesbury and the surrounding area, being broadcast 7 days-a-week. On The Alfred Daily today:

  • Melbury, Fontmell and Compton councillor wants more Speed Watch groups after Tuesday’s speed check exercise.
  • Your charity challenge is to visit several Dorset churches on Saturday.
  • Motcombe gets ready to party in the park this weekend.
  • Shaftesbury highway robbery featured in a new book on Dorset’s draconian Victorian laws.
  • Margaret Cluett shares an ‘ode to Shaftesbury’s Oasis pool’.
  • Shaftesbury business shuts for good but there’s interest in the shop already.
  • Shaftesbury ‘Wellness Shark’ Laura Langley on resistance exercises.
  • Soundscapes – a blackbird grabbing elderberries at Umbers Hill.