The Alfred Daily – 12th November 2020

The Alfred Daily is a 30-minute radio programme for Shaftesbury and the surrounding area, being broadcast 7 days-a-week. On The Alfred Daily today:

  • Redrow promises to reopen Shaftesbury to Motcombe footpath by weekend.
  • Shaftesbury parents launch lottery and virtual fair to fund school.
  • Shaftesbury shops unite for home delivery service.
  • Free Cranborne Chase history lessons for teachers and home schoolers.
  • Police thank Dorset residents for keeping to COVID rules.
  • Shaftesbury what’s ons.
  • Happy memories of Ray Humphries’ shop – Alex Percy.
  • Why Motcombe’s war memorial is so clean.
  • Geese, cockerels and donkeys at dawn on French Mill Lane.