The Alfred Daily – 20th May 2021

The Alfred Daily is a 30-minute radio programme for Shaftesbury and the surrounding area, being broadcast 7 days-a-week. On The Alfred Daily today:

  • Former Shaftesbury School head Mark Blackman’s vision for St Mary’s School.
  • Pick up free, fresh food at Shaftesbury’s Community Fridge.
  • Pedestrianisation will impact Bell Street warns resident.
  • More management changes at Shaftesbury FC – chairman explains why.
  • Motcombe Shop plans marathon effort for Stars appeal
  • Shaftesbury what’s ons and jobs.
  • Coles Lane reopens.
  • Coping with fitness failure – Shaftesbury wellness expert Laura Langley.
  • Soundscapes – wrens and blackcaps near Charlton.