The Alfred Daily – 27th March 2020

The Alfred Daily is a new, daily, 30-minute radio programme. It is being broadcast 7 days-a-week. On The Alfred Daily today:

  • Shaftesbury-born ambulance worker ‘overwhelmed’ by town-wide applause for NHS. (01.01)
  • Shaftesbury’s new deli may shut during crisis because a nearby store closure will reduce their footfall. (03:17)
  • Don’t drive to Win Green or Duncliffe for daily exercise says Dorset Chief Constable. James Vaughan on policing during the COVID-19 crisis. (07:09)
  • Sara Jacson on rescheduling the St Edwards Way pilgrimage from Wareham to Shaftesbury. (12:57)
  • North Dorset National Trust ranger Clive Whitborn shares tips on engaging kids with nature from your garden or window. (19.44)
  • Shaftesbury Arts Centre takes its art online during COVID-19 closure. (25:46)
  • Shaftesbury poetry with Richard Foreman. (29:30)
  • Today’s Shaftesbury dawn chorus recorded by Nick Crump. (31:10)