The Alfred Daily – 5th April 2020

The Alfred Daily is a new, daily, 30-minute radio programme. It is being broadcast 7 days-a-week. On The Alfred Daily today:

  • More Saturday mini-concerts planned after last night’s rooftop party on Bimport.  (1:18)
  • A Shaftesbury couple spent last night in their motorhome to raise money for NHS frontline staff. (5:15)
  • If you’re in your Shaftesbury area holiday property, MP Simon Hoare would like you to go home. (8:50)
  • As the Queen addresses the nation, Bill Sherriff reads his published poetry honouring Her Majesty. (12:50)
  • Amber Harrison’s stroll through the centuries around the Bury Litton Churchyard. (14:20)
  • Motcombe’s Memorial Hall needs money and you can offer support by playing the village’s own lottery, wherever you live. (20:08)
  • Proud Shastonian Cath Toogood remembers St James’s shops of the 1950s. (24:20)
  • Shaftesbury’s Open Spaces group chairman John Parker explains their plans for Breach Common, Wincombe Recreation Ground and Trinity churchyard. (27:00)
  • Wildlife recorder Nick Crump captures the sound of bees buzzing around blossom on Breach Lane. (33:18)