The Alfred Daily – 9th June 2021

The Alfred Daily is a 30-minute radio programme for Shaftesbury and the surrounding area, being broadcast 7 days-a-week. On The Alfred Daily today:

  • North Dorset Arts Week will open studios to coincide with Shaftesbury Fringe.
  • Semley’s alternative weekly market set to expand.
  • Town Centre is ‘creaking at the seams’ but parking on Cockrams isn’t supported.
  • A30 allotments won’t be screened from neighbouring homes for now.
  • Shaftesbury what’s ons.
  • Dorset Council owe ‘huge debt of gratitude’ to foster carers – but they need more.
  • The man who brings out the best in BV Dairy’s Shaftesbury staff.
  • Soundscapes – goldfinches on Wincombe Lane.