Alfred Daily

The Alfred Daily – 16th May 2020

On today’s show: GP says COVID-19 will alter Abbey View’s future working | Civic Society wants town centre housing plans changed | Dorset Council wants visitors to stay away | Karen Cole’s book review | Herbalist Julie Wood on cleavers | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Poetry with Richard Foreman | A garden warbler in Blackmore Vale

The Alfred Daily – 15th May 2020

On today’s show: Temporary High Street pedestrianisation proposed | Shooting Stars – West Melbury’s award-winning cameraman Graham Hatherly | Why Shaftesbury’s skatepark remains off-limits | New rules for Shaftesbury car park payments | The Shaftesbury School students performing parody songs | Historian Robert Mullins remembers Farris | Clap for Our Carers | Where in Shaftesbury? | Woodland birds near Semley

The Alfred Daily – 14th May 2020

On today’s show: Motcombe Council’s new chairman | Controversial plans for St James home go to appeal | The POW diary written on a loo roll | Motcombe’s marathon Major reaches halfway | Shaftesbury homes bought following video viewings | Kate Scott’s Chicken Diary | Enmore Green gardener Jon Corry on growing brighter borders | A nightingale at nightfall in the Blackmore Vale

The Alfred Daily – 13th May 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury Town Council no confidence vote cancelled after legal letter | Council leader says stay away from Dorset | Parking charges restored at Shaftesbury car parks | Gillingham and Shaftesbury show boss ‘gutted’ by cancellation | Shaftesbury churches likely to continue streaming services after lockdown ends | Springhead to grow veg for Shaftesbury food banks | David Kerswell’s Farming Diary | Where in Shaftesbury? | Wildlife-friendly gardener Dirty Nails | Owls at dawn on Park Walk

The Alfred Daily – 12th May 2020

On today’s show: Were Shaftesbury Bank Holiday parking tickets issued to meet targets? | Where to donate material for Guy’s Marsh scrubs project | East Knoyle statues stolen | Phonics over the phone – Shaftesbury’s literacy sessions continue | Shaftesbury UFO incident in the 1960s | The St James lime tree | Karren and Kate chat | Sparrows and Semley church bells

The Alfred Daily – 11th May 2020

On today’s show: How lockdown has affected Shaftesbury’s Virginia Hayward | Shaftesbury school staff mime message to students | Shaftesbury’s young actors learn stage skills online | Restoring a holloway for walkers | Kate is the 2020 Dorset Knob Eating Champion! | Our weekly Wardour smallholding visit | Nick Andrew on erigeron

The Alfred Daily – 10th May 2020

On today’s show: Police advice for Shaftesbury area walkers | Shaftesbury community spirit has grown during the crisis | The Applebys cycle to Middle Coombe | Heather Whitehead’s wildflower filled walk | Amber Harrison asks Where in Shaftesbury? | Barkley Johnson reads The Photograph | Nick Crump’s recording of a nightingale

The Alfred Daily – 9th May 2020

On today’s show: Pilots skywrite over Shaftesbury | The Town Band director marks VE Day playing on Park Walk | How many Dorset Knobs can Kate cram in for charity? | Shaftesbury’s Blackmore Group – making products to protect Britain | Long delay for Melbury Abbas and Cann Neighbourhood Plan | Amber Harrison goes ‘batty’ for Tanyard Lane wildlife | Paul Merefield’s Saturday pub quiz | Karen Cole reviews Brian McGilloway’s ‘The Last Crossing’ | Shaftesbury area swallows and cuckoos with Alex Chapman | A song thrush at Old Wardour Castle

The Alfred Daily – 8th May 2020

On today’s show: Guy’s Marsh men sewing for NHS success | Shaftesbury could send German twin town COVID support cash | Shaftesbury WW2 hero urges respectful remembrance | How Robert Mullins marked 1945’s events aged ten | Town councillors demand a member’s resignation | Where in Shaftesbury? | North Dorset’s nature highlights with Marion Hammond | Shaftesbury poetry from Richard Foreman | Nick Crump on Melbury Down’s skylarks

The Alfred Daily – 7th May 2020

On today’s show: Angola 76 owner is resolute following planning refusal | Shaftesbury tip reopens on Monday with new rules | Woman comes forward following Breach Lane dog bite appeal | The nursery for Shaftesbury’s key workers’ kids | Where in Shaftesbury? with Amber Harrison | Gold Hill holiday homeowner hopeful about the return of tourism | How auctioneers advertised Shaftesbury when our town went under the hammer | Medicinal herbalist Julie Wood on hawthorn’s special qualities | A chaffinch at dawn on Gutch Common