Alfred Daily

The Alfred Daily – 6th May 2020

On today’s show: 8,000 untested coronavirus cases in Dorset? | Shaftesbury’s German twin town to send us cash | Police appeal after dog bites man in Breach Lane | Belle Street to sing vintage hits for VE Day | Key workers’ offers from Enmore Green’s Kidsplay organiser | Weldmar launch phone helpline and appeal for cash | Where in Shaftesbury? with Amber Harrison | How rainfall differs across Shaftesbury | David Toulson’s verse inspired by Shaftesbury’s spirit | Dirty Nails’ gardening | Nick Crump records honeybees in Enmore Green

The Alfred Daily – 5th May 2020

On today’s show: The tablets helping Shaftesbury Hospital patients stay connected | Eighteen homes proposed for town centre | How Tesco’s staff have met crisis challenges | Collecting Motcombe’s self-isolation snaps | A first for Shaftesbury? Gin yoga! | Neil Adlam’s Shaftesbury Trees | Karren and Kate ‘over the garden fence’ | A mistle thrush on the Sturkle

The Alfred Daily – 4th May 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury area coronavirus death numbers | Ludwell and Motcombe prepare for Friday’s VE Day | The Shaftesbury woman who once lived underground | Gardening books reviewed by Jon Corry | West Melbury musicians Tony and Una perform live online tonight | Words and music to mark May Day traditions with John Cluett | Your art lesson on air with Percy Lizzard | Where in Shaftesbury? – with Amber Harrison | Enmore Green’s dawn chorus recorded by Nick Crump

The Alfred Daily – 3rd May 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury woman appeals for stolen dog’s return | Meet the editor of Melbury Abbas’s magazine | Heather Whitehead’s hike to Enmore Green’s hidden treasure | The Shaftesbury street the Saxons named after vegetables | Another wildflower walk with Amber | The challenge of lamb adoption on our Wardour smallholding visit | The Handyman – Barkley Johnson’s Shaftesbury short story

The Alfred Daily – 2nd May 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury landlady concerned about future of pubs | Fire crew called to Semley | Help a Shaftesbury gran have a special 100th | Breach Lane’s brightly coloured bugs | Encouraging swifts to nest in Shaftesbury | Town grass will be trimmed | British Legion is supporting its Shaftesbury members | Kate Scott’s pet chicken diary | Three great reads from Shaftesbury book blogger Karen Cole | Shaftesbury’s hedgerows with Amber | Paul Merefield’s quiz

The Alfred Daily – 1st May 2020

On today’s show: The first ‘healthy’ food parcels are picked up in Shaftesbury | Shaftesbury Primary staff make video to show they miss pupils | Where Dorset’s police chief wants officers checking journeys | Ansty’s alternative mayday | VE Day celebration advice from councillor | Brigit Strawbridge’s new publishing project on ponds | Herbalist Julie Wood discusses dandelions

The Alfred Daily – 30th April 2020

On today’s show: New events and fundraisers for Shaftesbury Carnival after 2020 cancellation | Better protection during blood tests at Abbey View Medical Centre | One of Britain’s best drives on Shaftesbury’s doorstep | Self-isolation is boosting Shaftesbury bike riding | The Grosvenor Arms Hotel helps Shaftesbury families in need | David Kerswell on the increase in tractors locally | A pest attacks Andrea Jenkins’ veg project | Wood pigeons and wind in St James’ poplars

The Alfred Daily – 29th April 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury remembers fallen NHS heroes | Dorset Council’s helpline for parents worried about kids during lockdown | Huge fabric drop-off for volunteers making Shaftesbury scrubs | St James youngster inspires a Shaftesbury photography project | Reeves the Baker to open daily again | Reduced traffic could boost North Dorset bird numbers | Where in Shaftesbury? | A poetic Tribute to Win Green by Bill Sherriff | Wildlife-friendly gardening with Dirty Nails | Nick Crump records a female blackbird bathing

The Alfred Daily – 28th April 2020

On today’s show: The new team opening Semley’s pub for takeaways | The crisis doubles trade for two Shaftesbury area producers | Stour Row befriender on beating lockdown loneliness | Shaftesbury Abbey update their revamp | Dorset dialect with John Cluett | Neil Adlam’s Shaftesbury Tree of the Week | Ambition – A poem by Richard Foreman | Early morning sounds at Margaret Marsh

The Alfred Daily – 27th April 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury project to collect 10 tonnes of material for hospital scrubs | The lockdown has brought Linden Park locals together | Semley’s bluebells feature in video | Which Shaftesbury area places need a new bus service? | Shaftesbury’s wonderful wisteria | New flock members at our Wardour smallholding | Jon Corry’s Enmore Green garden | Dusk at Rolt Millennium Green