Alfred Daily

The Alfred Daily – 18th July 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury charity shop receiving 800 bags a week | Co-op thanks Shaftesbury Abbey Primary | Dorset’s crime figures revealed | Shaftebsury butterfly spotting | Tom Perrett’s Shaftesbury to Semley walk | Pet chicken keeper Kate Scott | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Karen Cole’s book review | A magpie on Breach Lane

The Alfred Daily – 17th July 2020

On today’s show: Motcombe’s Community Shop turns ten | Historic Shaftesbury pictures on sale at High Street market | Shaftesbury’s ancient routes and roads with David Burnett | Artist Gabrielle Bill’s Shaftesbury exhibition | East Stour herbalist Julie Wood on mullein | Sounds of the River Stour by Nick Crump

The Alfred Daily – 16th July 2020

On today’s show: St Mary’s School announces sudden closure | Motcombe residents want action on trees | Shaftesbury Council objects to new estate | David Kerswell on North Dorset’s improving wheat yields | Shaftesbury history – gasometers and Park Walk sheep | The buzzing of Breach Lane’s bees

The Alfred Daily – 15th July 2020

On today’s show: Comedy name suggested for new roundabout | Facemasks sell out in Shaftesbury’s shops | Shaftesbury man to climb Ben Nevis for mental health appeal | Sketch Castle Hill view with outdoor lesson | Bees swarm at Wardour | Chef Philippa reviews Shaftesbury cafés | Crows and a train in Semley

The Alfred Daily – 14th July 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury Arts Centre actor is COVID-quarantined in Oz | Shaftesbury mental health group wants your materials | Comet spotting from Shaftesbury | Outdoor swimming returns to Shaftesbury | What a school book reveals about Victorian North Dorset | Wildlife-friendly gardener Dirty Nails | A sunny afternoon soundtrack at Tollard Royal

The Alfred Daily – 13th July 2020

On today’s show: Motcombe’s village tattooist gets back to work | Expert advisors available for Shaftesbury businesses | Battle against Himalayan balsam on Breach Common | Shaftesbury singing coach back after COVID and C-section challenges | Nick Andrew features a tree at The Rickyard | Solitary mason bees recorded by Nick Crump

The Alfred Daily – 12th July 2020

On today’s show: Abbey Museum finds home for head found on High Street | More live music for Shaftesbury’s shoppers | A special summertime butterfly with Rachel Diment | Shaftesbury GP offers advice on ticks | Sunday morning short story with Barclay Johnson | Neighbours Kate and Karren chat ‘over the garden fence’ | Breakfast time bird feeding on Breach Lane

The Alfred Daily – 11th July 2020

On today’s show: Blooming cheek – Shaftesbury flowers stolen | Shaftesbury play areas reopen | What Shaftesbury people have told police | Dorset Council prepared for tourists | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Tom Perrett’s walk around Fontmell Down | Kate Scott’s chicken-keeping diary | The book review with Karen Cole | A young tawny owl at St James

The Alfred Daily – 10th July 2020

On today’s show: Boost for Shaftesbury tourism promotion | Consultation planned over Maltings ‘safety’ hedge | Dorset Council to handle planning applications faster | Shaftesbury resident teaching everyday English worldwide | Marmalade proves popular as market returns | Herbalist Julie Wood on mugwort | A mystery pond noise in Semley

The Alfred Daily – 9th July 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury pedestrianisation opponent offers concession | Shaftesbury Council agrees policy for abusive calls | Volunteers needed to ‘reclaim’ Breach Common | Encourage insects by reducing pesticides says Wildlife Trust | The history of Parson’s Pool | Abbey View’s Community Garden | David Kerswell’s North Dorset Farming diary – cereal crops | Sounds of the waterwheel at Cann Mill