Alfred Daily

The Alfred Daily – 24th May 2020

On today’s show: Flying’s back but no food yet at Compton Abbas | Shaftesbury woman home after cruise ship quarantine | Shaftesbury children’s charity faces fundraising problem | Shaftesbury’s fifteen former breweries | Hartgrove writer Barkley’s curious tale about currency | A tawny owl in Ludwell

The Alfred Daily – 23rd May 2020

On today’s show: Shaftesbury litter pickers’ new waste worry | Abbey View medics share advice on wearing gloves | Swans Yard’s café reopens for takeaways | Kids’ nature fun with Rosie Langley | Karen Cole recommends historical fiction | Where in Shaftesbury? | Richard Foreman reads verse from a Shaftesbury wood | A magpie at Wincombe Wood

The Alfred Daily – 22nd May 2020

On today’s show: Dorset Council’s U-turn on Shaftesbury cash-free parking payment | A fund for struggling Dorset artists | Free EU money to help Shaftesbury businesses grow | Guy’s Marsh clockmaker Rich Poulter | Where in Shaftesbury? | New Shaftesbury planning applications | Shaftesbury historian on a once smelly street | Medicinal herbalist Julie Wood | Shaftesbury’s Wilderness wakes up

The Alfred Daily – 21st May 2020

On today’s show: Metal detectorists warned following Shaftesbury dig | Advice on Shaftesbury bee swarms | The socially distanced honesty box stall | Horse session has ‘eye-opening’ effect on autistic Shaftesbury teenager | David Kerswell’s North Dorset farming | Karren and Kate chat ‘over the garden fence’ | Swallows recorded on Breach Lane

The Alfred Daily – 20th May 2020

On today’s show: Is a new Lidl good for Shaftesbury’s High Street? | Shaftesbury man appointed Samaritans director | New Shaftesbury area newspaper | Food parcel project legacy | Shaftesbury’s former schools with Cath Toogood | Dirty Nails’ wildlife gardening | Jackdaws and magpies with Nick Crump

The Alfred Daily – 19th May 2020

On today’s show: Police seek witnesses following Spread Eagle Hill collision | Grosvenor Arms reveal future plans | Dorset Council planning to reopen schools | A re-think for Shaftesbury area walking festival | Where in Shaftesbury? | New feathered friends at our Wardour smallholding | A bird duet on Breach Lane

The Alfred Daily – 18th May 2020

On today’s show: New Shaftesbury mental health resources website planned | Be kind urges Shaftesbury’s Headstrong project | Reeve the Baker considering extending hours | Shaftesbury FC’s football academy will go ahead | Clive Whitbourn shares North Dorset’s nature | Where in Shaftesbury? | Mexican colour in town centre | Sheep and the Sturkle by Nick Crump

The Alfred Daily – 17th May 2020

On today’s show: Robin Walter to share Shaftesbury’s tree stories during seminar | Shaftesbury podcaster publishes his first book | Live music to help Shaftesbury kids’ development | Heather Whitehead’s hike | Where in Shaftesbury? | The origins of some Shaftesbury street names | Barkley Johnson’s story – ‘Mrs Green’s Summerhouse’ | Birds and bells in Donhead St Mary Churchyard

The Alfred Daily – 16th May 2020

On today’s show: GP says COVID-19 will alter Abbey View’s future working | Civic Society wants town centre housing plans changed | Dorset Council wants visitors to stay away | Karen Cole’s book review | Herbalist Julie Wood on cleavers | Paul Merefield’s pub quiz | Poetry with Richard Foreman | A garden warbler in Blackmore Vale

The Alfred Daily – 15th May 2020

On today’s show: Temporary High Street pedestrianisation proposed | Shooting Stars – West Melbury’s award-winning cameraman Graham Hatherly | Why Shaftesbury’s skatepark remains off-limits | New rules for Shaftesbury car park payments | The Shaftesbury School students performing parody songs | Historian Robert Mullins remembers Farris | Clap for Our Carers | Where in Shaftesbury? | Woodland birds near Semley